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Nowadays most bookmaker users prefer to place bets on different types of sports. Betano offers a wide range of betting markets for soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, beach volleyball, futsal, water polo, etc. You can combine different types of betting markets in a single coupon, making guesses such as who will score the first point, which team will win the match, even adding extra points for the team you want to win with the Handicap mode.

There are more than 30 sports on Betano to suit all users, including those who prefer motorcycle racing, chess, MMA, boxing, rather than sports with a ball.

But Betano's forte really is soccer and we'll tell you a little more about all the famous betting varieties on the site.

What are Betano Odds?

Let's start by explaining some basic betting concepts so you can understand the markets available at Betano. Odds are the multipliers for each possibility that will determine the final value of your winnings if you guess correctly on any betting market. For example, in a match between the soccer team: São Paulo vs Flamengo, you decide to bet that São Paulo will win the match after 90 minutes. That match will have a certain Odds value for São Paulo (1.5) and Flamengo (2.5). If you bet R$150.00 that São Paulo will win and your guess is correct, your winnings will be calculated as follows: R$150.00 x 1.5 = R$225.00 in total.

How are the odds calculated at Betano?

The odds are calculated according to the statistics and history of previous games played by experts in each type of sport. There are several websites with previous match histories available to the public where any player can access the data and thus determine which team they will bet on, but of course passion for sports can often make players choose their favorite team regardless of odds indicators. Another important aspect of Odds is that the lowest multiplier value offered will be for the team most likely to win and this is what makes betting even more interesting for stubborn users. The odds change as the game goes on, if team 1 is beating team 2 the Odd for the first team will decrease and the odd for the second team will increase.

If you've placed bets before, a good example of odd changes was the Argentina vs France World Cup 2022 final match, as these changed throughout the game, but don't worry, when you decide on the value of your bet and close your coupon, the Odds won't change unless you activate this option in your bet coupon.

How to bet at Betano

Now that you know how odds work, let's take you step by step through how to place bets at Betano. There are 4 main types of bets:

  • Single: This is a bet with just one choice. If you get that choice right, you win your bet.
  • Multiple: This is a bet that includes several picks up to a maximum of 13, but your bets will be settled on a single coupon, which means that if you lose any of these picks the bet will be lost.
  • System: This is a bet with several choices and several chances of winning. When you place a bet, there are several possible combinations and unlike the multiple bet, if you only hit a few guesses, those will be paid out.
  • Live: Betting markets that are opened or changed during the game that is taking place live. The most common are: who scores the next goal, the next point, who wins the second half or who wins in extra time. In these bets, the odds change in real time, as the game goes on, while respecting the odd you chose when closing your coupon.

Step by step to place my bet at Betano:

  1. Enter the Betano website.
  2. Choose the type of sport you want to bet on.
  3. Choose your winning team and betting market (win, draw, etc.)
  4. Determine the amount of your bet.
  5. Click on the green - Bet Now - button, which will appear on the right-hand side of the screen next to the bet coupon.
  6. That's it, your bet has been selected and now all you have to do is wait for the match and the final result.

What is Chance Duplo Betano

When you enter the sports section to choose a game and you're not sure who will win or you're very undecided about the outcome of a match, you can choose the double chance option. In this option you can choose that team 1 wins or draws (1x) or that team 2 wins or draws (2x) or that both teams can win (12).

What is Match Combo at Betano

Betano's Match Combo enables the player to choose several betting market options in a match. The more choices selected, the higher the odd for the match. In this case, by selecting up to 3 selections, an odd of 1.55 can increase to 3.60, boosting your bet. So to activate this option, choose the match you want to bet on, select the different market types for the game and click on the option on the top right - Match Combo - then see the boosted value of your odd, select the amount you want to bet and that's it! Unfortunately not all matches have the Match Combo option available, so check if your choice has the Match Combo button.

How to cash out at Betano

At Betano it is possible to cash out on some matches. If you're betting and you think the risk is no longer worth it, you can sell your bet and get some of the money back. Betano Cash Out is available for the vast majority of bets placed on soccer, tennis, basketball and ice hockey matches. You can check which bets are available for this option on your betting slip and you can also follow the variation in the value of this sale as the game goes on, so you know when is the best time to minimize your loss.

Once you know all these betting options, you can start playing and make a profit, but always remember to play responsibly, as no bookmaker, information or strategy guarantees a win. Always check your balance and know when it's time to take a break. Good luck with your bets!

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