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Although we have told you about various features of how Betano works, we always recommend looking for real information from its users to analyze the pros and cons of the bookmaker. Here are some general comments, but we recommend that you try the site out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

User comments about Betano

Betano review: The best bookmaker


I've been to different bookmakers, but none have shown me as many different betting options on sports as the casino. To be honest, I love soccer and bet on it almost every week, but sometimes I also use the casino when there aren't such interesting championships and Betano has never let me down, losses are part of any bookmaker and each person needs to understand when it's time to take a break.

Daniel, 36 years old

Betano Review: Great Welcome Bonus


When I made my first deposit at Betano, I won R$200.00 and chose to spend the bonus in a casino. It's a bit annoying that you can't withdraw the bonus and you have to place several bets to be able to withdraw it if you win something, but I understand that at least they're giving me the chance to make more money. Usually other bookmakers don't give you this benefit right away.

Carlos, 40 years old

Betano's opinion: Slots crash a lot


I play at the casino every day and lately the Betano casino has been crashing a lot, I contacted customer service and they told me that there is no problem with my plays and sent me some evidence, but I didn't trust it very much, they also told me that it could be my internet that is failing, but I have always played and only in the last few weeks has this been happening.

Marcia, 50 years old

Betano Opinion: Making a lot of money at Betano


Who says young people don't enjoy playing casino games? I joined Betano with this goal in mind after seeing several videos with very good strategies for beating the casino and winning a lot of money, and it worked! Of course I had a few losses at first, but I always bet on the big prize and in the end it worked. Thanks Betano, I'm going to stop for a while and I'll be back soon to withdraw more money.

Caius, 26 years old

Betano opinion: Quick support team


I don't think that working 24 hours a day is a factor in deciding whether a bookmaker is good or not. Betano's customer service only works until 23:00 but they were able to solve my problem with the pix withdrawal very quickly, in less than 4 hours the amount was already in my pocket.

Pedro, 30 years old

Betano's opinion: Fast deposit but very slow withdrawal


When you make a deposit via pix at Betano it goes through instantly, but when it comes to making the withdrawal it takes a long time, I don't understand why, I waited almost 24 hours to receive my withdrawal, I contacted Betano by chat and the answer was always the same, they said they had to wait for the finance department, I didn't like this part of the house, I hope I don't have this kind of problem anymore.

Karina, 32 years old

Opinion Betano: Account verification


A friend told me that he gave up on continuing with Betano because his account verification was complicated and they always asked for more documents, but when I went to do my verification it was very quick, it was even done before the 72 hour deadline they gave. I told my friend about it and we tried to verify him again and when I went to check he was sending poor quality photos, that's the problem, lol. I recommend trying out the house, I'm having fun

Pedro, 35 years old

Opinion Betano: Betting big on soccer


I've been a soccer fan since I was little, my whole family are Palmeiras fans, my uncle started betting a few years ago, he's older and was afraid of these online bookmakers stealing from him, but I helped him by looking at the site and he started placing small bets in case it was misleading advertising, and with luck he won several bets on Palmeiras games, now that I'm of age I'm always betting for my team, but I prefer to use the Betano App.

Lucas, 19 years old

Betano review: Aviator Betano is the best game


If you want to avoid Betano bugs, don't use the automatic mode. I've seen several people on Reclame aqui saying that the site crashes and doesn't pay out properly when they use the automatic mode, I used it a few times and never won anything, so I started to do a bit of research and decided to only play in manual mode and it's working, I place average bets and sometimes the multiplier goes up to x12.03, pretty good right? The aviator is definitely one of my Betano favorites.

Gabriel, 26 years old

Opinion Betano: Know when to stop


Many people end up blaming the bookmakers. Unfortunately, I had problems betting because I didn't know how to control myself, I asked for self-exclusion of my account through Betano's e-mail, and they told me that in order to return I'll have to wait a while, it's kind of bad to have to wait but I thought they were committed to their users with problems like me. In addition, they recommended a section of their website with various healthy gambling recommendations. I've stopped for now and hope to be more conscientious when I decide to come back

Marcos, 45 years old